Modern Contributions of 3D Printers


Every product produced in the market, especially the newly introduced ones, involves long processes and extensive research before we can see the final product. Some of the said procedure involves designing, brainstorming, correcting, testing and more. Most of the effort in the whole process is poured on to making every part is flawless before the product is mass produced. During this process, producers rely heavily in prototyping. By creating a prototype for their products, which is considered as the preliminary model, the producers can test each and every function; after extensive testing, they can redesign and make proper adjustments before they start introducing it to the market. Prototyping is the key for the perfect product design and functions before the assembly.


Producers have the prototypes to thank for in discovering flaws that could never have been guessed during the designing process. For all companies, especially the ones with a tight schedule and wallet, prototyping has cut cost and time in the most efficient way possible.


With regards to the creation of prototype models, a lot of the companies turn to 3D printing since it can accurately create the desired product; especially for the producers that require precise details or even customised designs. As we said, solidworks electrical 3D printing technology, or as others refer to it as additive manufacturing, has seriously gained attention and popularity through the years. The system that mainly aides in the creation of the parts are the design files of the 3D printer. Bottom line, there are far less cost and time involved in the creation of the prototype and any change or update can be done digitally; thus the production can quickly move from the designing stage to manufacturing stage. Above all, 3D printers simultaneously use multiple materials in the production of the prototype model.


As you create parts of the product with the help of a 3D printer, you can see, inspect and touch the prototype or model itself. The item you created is a physical copy of the potential product. You can create prototypes using the same ones found in the finished product or something very similar. For beginner’s guide 3D printing, visit


Thanks to the 3D printer using the GoEngineer CAD Software you can quickly have a model prototype to test, the said tests are required and demanding in nature; some of these tests are durability against heat, cold, rain, force and more. This stage in the whole production is so important that it's where the majority of the time and budget are spent; repeated improvement and testing guarantees the product's quality. No number of CAD designs or 3D files can compete with an actually 3D printed prototype when testing is concerned.